Range Rover P38

LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl

LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl

LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl   LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl

LPG conversion kit to convert a P38 (4.0 or 4.6) or L322 (4.4 BMW engine) Range Rover. Front end kit - This kit DOES NOT include the rear end components i. E tank / LPG filling point which are available separately from myself or from elsewhere. Or you may collect - collection is handy to be given an overview on how to fit the system, which can help from the outset a bit but isn't at all strictly necessary.

Single point mixer systems are less expensive than multi-point sequential systems full stop! Multi-point sequential LPG systems are the latest technology and have many advantages over earlier Single point mixer system technology, perhaps particularly on some model Rangerovers. The title of this listing reads'LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl'. The title of one of the competition's listings (151286177620). LPG Pre Sequential System Range Rover P38 Classic OMVL Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl'.

The difference is the word'Pre' is present in the competitions title, Pre means before, and the competition's system is indeed the old single point mixer type system! So why doesn't their title just say mixer system instead of saying Pre Sequential System - Bit like phishing for punters? He rest of this listing mentions P38s a lot but this kit is equally as well suited to L322's. With the BMW4.4 engine. L322's with the BMW4.4 are easier to convert than P38's with the Bosch manifold if you were to do the P38 properly anyway!

Engine conversion of L322's with the BMW4.4 engine are similarly easy to Gems P38's, easy! The reason why P38's are mentioned more than L322's below is because nobody (not even Rangerover specialist firms that don't seem to know much about LPG conversions) seems silly enough to suggest a single point mixer system for an L322! I have only listed this kit as suitable for P38's (4.0 or 4.6) and L322's with the 4.4 BMW engine, so what about L322's with the other engines (Jag/Ford 4.4, 4.2 Supercharged)? Well, it's just that I wouldn't recommend all the same LPG system components for the other L322 models.. And in addition to the LPG system components those other models also need additional components (which aren't strictly LPG components). I could sell you a kit for those other models, would be a higher price, and I'd first want to chat to make sure you knew what you were getting into as it's a bit more involved to convert these other models properly. Some Rangerover/RoverV8 specialist firms advise the same kit regardless of vehicle model, which is ridiculous but gives insight into where they're at in terms of LPG conversion knowledge and skills. I believe there is only one firm (Rangerover/RoverV8 specialist) that advises single point mixer systems for P38s. If you read and interpret their small print it seems even they know that if you fit a single point LPG mixer system then backfires will be a problem.. and then charge you extra to fit unless you're going to fit this chip into your petrol ECU? One of the problems with single point systems particularly (but not limited to) P38's is that the cam timing/duration and engine design means that when the intake valve opens there is likely to be a flame in the cylinder at the other side of the valve, which can easily ignite an air/fuel mixture in the manifold (which creates a powerful backfire). Since these engines are normally fuel injected, the manifold usually only contains air so a backfire isn't possible (no fuel), slap on an LPG mixer system and the large manifold is now full of what should be precisely the correct mixture to give the biggest explosion possible... Enough to damage your air flow meter and blow your air filter to pieces.

In truth even with the chip fitted the backfire problem and other issues will not be fully prevented with a single point LPG system fitted, after all fitting a chip will not effect the none variable cam timing/duration. Some firms advise you fit a cone shaped metal high flow air filter if you fit a single point LPG system, they reckon for performance reasons so nothing to do with backfires blowing standard air filters to pieces and the metal high flow type suffering less during backfires, of course... General advice from professional LPG system installers (myself included) is not to fit a single point LPG mixer system onto a P38, even in conjunction with one of those chips and/or uprated plug leads, etc.

I have never converted a P38 and found it necessary to fit different plug leads at the same time, plug leads do go wrong but when they're working OK (no misfires on petrol or LPG) you're probably not going to see even a 1% increase in power or economy between the cheapest type and the most expensive supposedly super-duper type.. If you fit a single point LPG system onto a P38 Rangerover then potential problems are backfires (P38's fitted with single point mixer systems are renowned for this), petrol system fuel trim drift (after running on LPG for some time if you switch back to petrol or run out of LPG the vehicle will run worse on petrol for some time afterwards - due to single point systems not working as a slave to the petrol system). D lack of the functionality that is built into all sequential LPG systems (like switching to LPG automatically when the engine is warm enough and switching back to petrol automatically when you've run out of gas).

Properly calibrated sequential LPG systems don't affect petrol fuel trims at all, because they work as a slave to the petrol ECU, so when you switch back to petrol the vehicle still drives properly. Some people think fitting a single point mixer system involves less work and/or will be less expensive than fitting a more suitable sequential LPG system. While it should be less work to fit a single point system than a sequential system because there are fewer parts and all the parts are simpler, it may not seem simpler. If/when you get to the bit in the single point system instructions that says weld a new stainless lambda boss into the exhaust (to enable an additional and different type of lambda probe than the petrol system uses to be fitted into the exhaust, as the single point system must use a lambda probe of a specific type which is a different type to the ones already on the vehicle). Sequential LPG systems do not need any type of lambda connection because they operate as a slave to the petrol system, so petrol system effectively controls how much LPG is injected and petrol system uses it's own probes to keep mixture correct when running on either fuel. Rangerover LPG conversions are simple and straightforward especially when compared to the usual type of vehicles that I convert... I convert a lot of demanding (to convert properly) vehicles because I have a reputation for achieving excellent results with them (demanding conversions are an area where some pros fall short). But when a specific vehicle specialist dabbles with LPG conversion on the narrow range of vehicles they specialise in, and haven't gained much other relevant LPG conversion experience, to me that begs the question what LPG skills and knowledge they are able to draw on when converting the narrow range of vehicles they specialise in... My tech support extends to problem solving and system calibration - after you've finished the install if you choose to bring the vehicle to me I will check over your work, correct any minor issues that didn't seem apparent earlier.

, I've personally converted maybe around 100 of them. As a simple low demand none technical conversion it is easy to see apparently good results from even a slightly bodged LPG conversion on these models... But if you were to compare a slightly bodged LPG conversion on a Rangerover with one that has been done properly you would immediately notice the properly converted Rangerover ran better than the slightly bodged one.

I don't do bodges, my installs are as technically correct as possible and I talk my DIY customers through fitting systems the same way I would. But I'll explain where compromises would achieve similar results to most of the competition if saving a bit of time and effort is the way you'd rather approach it, after all such conversions are the norm particularly on P38's. Example - On all sequential LPG system installs, for best results the LPG should enter the engine very close to the inlet valves / petrol injectors.

If this isn't achieved then we can expect poorer engine idle / poor response during changing engine loads especially at lower rpms. On Bosch (banana) manifold models most installers don't achieve getting gas outlets (inlets to engine) in anything like the correct place because they fit them in the upper part of the Bosch manifold where they are maybe 6 inches from the petrol injectors. I remove the upper manifold and simply remove metal from the fingers between it's runners, this allows pipes to run from injectors (mounted atop the manifold) to outlets in the correct place beside the petrol injectors while keeping pipe lengths short and injectors accessible. This isn't very difficult, I just use a drill and a file, it doesn't take very long either, it does improve how the engine runs on LPG. But if you want to cheat and fit outlets where it's easy to do so, if you want to avoid removing the manifold and drill holes into it with no chance of catching drill shavings, then no problem that's up to you, you won't be doing any worse than others, it will still run probably better than most (I'd have talked you through the rest of the install too / calibration etc), just not as well as with my method.

I don't just sell DIY kits for Rangerovers, I sell DIY kits to convert just about any vehicle.. If you'd like a kit for your vehicle, or if you'd like me to convert your vehicle (supply and fit, job done), give me a shout. I don't see much written about LPG conversions by Rangerover/RoverV8 firms on LPG forums but mentions of them sometimes.

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LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl   LPG Sequential System Range Rover P38 L322 Classic Rover V8 Engine 8 Cyl